Pre-purchase property inspections – are they worth the money?

Knowing as much as possible about the condition of the property before you purchase can help you avoid problems and additional costs down the trail. The best method of doing this is to find a pre-purchase property inspection report – commonly called a building inspection. This information explains what you want to know about building reviews.

What’s a pre-purchase property inspection report?

It’s among the different kinds of building inspection reports you can get done. As its name says, this construction inspection report is the one you get before you get a property. It will inform you about any substantial building defects or problems like rising damp, movement in the walls (cracking), safety hazards or a faulty roof to mention a few. It’s generally carried out until you exchange sale contracts so that you can identify any issues with the property that, if left unattended, could prove expensive to fix. Throughout this web page we’ll refer to this report as a’construction inspection report’.

Though a building inspection report must identify any visual damage which might have been due to termites, it generally will not include the occurrence of termites or other wood destroying pests. It can be a good idea to get another pest inspection report done before you get a property.

Why do I need you?

There are 3 good reasons why you should get a building inspection report done before You Purchase a property:

So you will know beforehand what the issues are

so that you may use the information to try to negotiate a lower price for your property i.e. you might have to pay to fix a few of the issues

so that you can get expert advice about any significant issues and how they will impact the property over time.

Needless to say, the building inspection report will be among several things you’ll have to take into account before purchasing a property.

You must always use a suitably qualified individual, including a licensed builder, a surveyor or an architect to give a professional building inspection report of the house you’re considering purchasing. These professionals will know what to look for, and will see through any cosmetic enhancements covering up faults which may otherwise be overlooked by an untrained eye.

A professional person will make certain that the content and format of this report complies with the Australian Standard (AS 4349.1).

Be sure the person you choose has adequate insurance cover, especially for professional indemnity.


The format and amount of detail in the report will be dependent on the sort of property, its age and size, its condition and the reporting process used by the adviser or organisation preparing the report. These factors will also influence the expense of the report.

Some construction inspection reports will adopt a standard format or use a detailed checklist while some will be individually tailored to each property. Photographs may or might not be included. You can always get a pest & building inspection in brisbane to be sure.

A building inspection report must include enough information for you to know about the property’s condition and determine any important issues.

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