How to Remove my Business Reviews from Google?

Are you a businessman? If yes, then you know how much a google review affects your business. A single negative review can cause you to lose around 70 percent of your future customers. Can you imagine how harmful that is to your business?

However, if you own a business you will get negative reviews as well as positive reviews. You will have to deal with it. There are no possible options to remove the review directly. But in this article, we will discuss the possible ways you can get google my business reviews removed.

Remove google my business reviews
What you should do when the review is real?
At first, you must reply to the customer politely and smartly. Try to hear out the complain and see if it can be worked with. Give your email address to contact further with the client. Once the problem is solved, you can ask the customer to remove the negative review and replace it with a nice one.

What you should do if the review is fake?
In cases where you think you have received a fake review from a competitor, you will need to flag the review to Google. But first, remember to reply to the review politely just like you would reply to any other customer. When google checks the review, they will also see if you have tried to resolve the problem like any good business industry. Once they realized that you have tried to solve the problem, but still something is wrong, they will find out more about the account. Then they are likely to remove the review if it is a fake review.

How to flag a fake review?
In order to flag a negative review, log in to your Google business account and display all the reviews. Now point out the review that is fake and click on the three dots at your right. An option to flag the review will show up. Click on the appropriate option and wait for Google to respond.

Once google identifies that the review is fake you can be sure that it will be removed by Google.

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