Cafe Royal Menu

Be it highbrow, lowbrow, or any of the brows in between, us folk at Cafe Royal just like food. We make everything in house, unless someone else we know can make it better. We grind our burgers fresh to order from local organic beef, make all our pastries and donuts in house, hand cut our fries from Trentham potatoes, scoop delicious icecream and shake a mean cocktail.

Brunch from 10 til 3 *

Ricotta hotcakes with Istra bacon and maple syrup

Waffles with icecream, caramel and honeyed pecans

Spinach and sheeps fetta omlette with sourdough toast

Scrambled eggs with our own cured salmon

BLT or tempeh LT with chilli jam and aioli

Quesadilla with sour cream, avocado and lime cured onion

Avocado on sourdough toast with preserved lemon and coriander

The lumberjack: bacon, eggs, beans, tomato, fries, BBQ sauce

The activist: eggs, spinach, beetroot relish, sheeps fetta, avocado, sweet potato fries

Burgers from 12 *

The Royal with cheese: organic beef, cheese, lettuce, mayo

The QE2: double organic beef, cheese, onion jam, chilli jam, lettuce, mayo

The Pantsdown: organic beef, pineapple, bacon, beetroot relish, lettuce, mayo

The Lizard Queen: mushrooms marinated in parmesan and pinenut, aioli, lemony greens

The Purple Reign: Tempeh, peanut sauce, sambal, purple slaw

All day and all of the night *

almost the best sausage roll ever

curried potato pastie with eggplant tamarind relish

toastie with ham, cheese, tomato, parmesan crust

toastie with charred peppers, mozzarella, chilli jam

toastie with mushroom, walnut, tallegio

toastie with pancetta, eggplant, ricotta